7 POAPs pending approval to be linked to Snapshot voting (1 week)

Hi there I have multiple drop IDs that need to be linked to snapshot and its been about a week since I submitted the first POAP Snapshot Proposal Request! This was the link I used:

Typically how long does it take once the form is submitted to get it linked to the snapshot vote?

Hey @fruitycup

Can you please share the events ID?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey there thanks for getting back to me! Will post the IDs with the snapshot proposals im trying to link them to! Thanks!

#30341 -Snapshot

#30342 -Snapshot

#30339 - Snapshot

#30344 - Snapshot

#30345 - Snapshot

#30346 - Snapshot

#32288 - Snapshot

Hey @fruitycup,
We were confused by the event title and the Snapshot not matching.
For example this Snapshot says " SUDAO-IP 1 …" but the event you want to link it with says “… Vote IP-6”
Is that correct ?
Don’t you want to link event 30341 with this Snapshot ?

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Ahhh would changing the title to something more like SUDAO Governance Vote be fine then for each one? The POAPs themselves arent specific to each vote but I messed up on linking the POAP title to the correct snapshot. Honestly the way it is currently is fine. Ill just have to be more careful when linking multiple at once to the correct POAP title. I’ll probably just go generic from now on

I mean, the POAP should resemble that you voted for that specific proposal.
It should at least mention what the vote was about in the description/title.
Having the title of the proposal in the artwork would be even better :eyes:
And yes, you can change the description/title of your events, you just need your edit code for that.
Just update your events and let me know or make new requests using the form.

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Ah I see! Will fix the titles and I do like the idea of the POAPs being customized per governance vote ! Just need to run it by our content team :slight_smile: will tag you once it’s fixed. Thank you

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GM! I have edited all those poap codes above to reflect the correct proposals now:)

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GM @fruitycup
Nice, i will have a look on it soon :slight_smile:

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Hey @fruitycup,
Your events are now linked to your proposals !
Tell your community to re-visit those Snapshots to mint their POAP :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! Everyones very hyped we are implementing POAPs into snapshot now, thank you.

I did have another question, it seems like there were a few members that had an issue where they are eligible to mint the POAP and theyre signed into the correct wallet but are unable to do so. Is there anyway to check that theyre eligible for the POAP besides the voter wallets on snapshot? Here is the snapshot im referring to: Snapshot
And here is the wallet thats having issues: 0x980d1F641330E9bBae88a29a37B5a3C16E38E257

Hmm, not sure if there is another way, but if they voted, they are eligible.
I just checked your case. The wallet is eligible. I initiated the minting process for that person, i assume it was just a browser incompatibility (?)
Or maybe a extension blocking the claiming process.

It’s now in their collection

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Thanks again! Will inform that its most likely a browser compatibility issue! Weird question but if for some reason issues persist is it okay to come to the discourse and see if you would be able to do what you just did here with the initiation of minting process? Is there a way to auto initiate the minting process actually? lol

I mean, i basically just logged in as their Eth address and just pressed the mint button :smiley:
If changing browsers/ deactivating extensions doesn’t work, they can contact our support under http://poap.xyz/. Just click the chat button on the bottom right corner. We should be able to figure out what’s wrong :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks so much! Really great to know