#66907 rejected - please help

  1. The Drop ID is 66907

  2. Our community is Superfluid: https://twitter.com/Superfluid_HQ?s=20&t=O7gZOFssqWMapBdYLeioRQ

  3. Nature of event: The launch of our inaugural newsletter about web3 payments

  4. Distribution plan: Sharing the Delivery link on our Discord

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? I have no idea. It should not have fallen under any of the issues mentioned (Repeat artwork, Lack of clarity, or philosophical misalignment). My only guess is it falls under “Other Duplication” as I created a Drop and then went to create a Delivery. However, the guide says that these are the steps…

Hey @rhysh

Thanks for the context.

Curators rejected your petition since your POAP was pre-announced.

Pre-announcing the POAP is against POAP Guidelines since it attracts farmers-- people who are only after free NFTs.

You can read more about the subject here: Guidelines Update: POAP Pre-Announcement

Let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you for your quick reply!

Regrettably, we were unaware of this recent change to your guidelines. We were under the impression that the approach to online events was the same as IRL events, but I can now see that this is not the case.

We definitely understand the purpose behind this guideline change – we ourselves have gone to great pains to discourage farmers that are just trying to extract value out of the web3 ecosystem. However, I can assure you we have ~3000 true, dedicated community members that are eagerly awaiting this POAP.

Is there anything we can do to get this POAP into the hands of our community members?

Hey @rhysh

I’m sorry, but we checked the addresses, and some of them belong to farmers :confused: They have a tremendous number of POAPs.

POAPs for subscribing to a Newsletter is a use case POAP usually doesn’t support because most farmers subscribe only to get the POAP. There’s no interest or interaction with the community, it’s easy to leave an email or an ethereum address into a form.

Our recommendation is to filter the addresses and send the POAP only to the most engaged community members. The petition could go under the category of Activations, for which Curation typically approves under 500 POAPs. You can check the POAP Guidelines here.


Hi @Fio !

Highly appreciate your help here!

We totally understand that we did not manage the campaign well and ended up with a bit of a mess with POAP hunters.

We have drawn some really good learnings out of this and will definitely be more mindful with POAPs in the future.

However, to manage this situation we are in - we have set up a really solid process where we triple checked whether the people who signed up are human or not. We ended up with 1,7k users who turned out to be legit sign ups.

Is there any way we could issue the POAP for these people we have selected? Or do you know a good way how to filter the ETHaddresses /detect the farmers?

Hei @Fio !

Is there any way we could still distribute the POAP?

We are happy to filter out the POAP hunter addresses but we just don’t know how. Could you help us?

We are really sorry for pre-announcing the POAP - we did not know it was against your guidelines.


Hey @missvikii

The problem is that the filter is manual and takes a lot of time (address should be checked manually through POAP Scan).

Is there any way you can add an extra step to receive the POAP? For example, sending a form with some questions about your product or community.

Hi @Fio !

Thanks for getting back to me.

So this is what we have done to filter out the bots/hunters:
We asked everyone to fill in a form with their email & ETHaddress for us to obtain their ETH wallet addresses.

We filtered out all ineligible entries & invalid wallet addresses.

After that, we asked everyone to do the following process:

  1. Go to Guild.xyz (we created a process on guild which they have to go through so we can filter out the bots and hunters)
  2. Connect their wallet (we uploaded the allowlist of all eligible wallet addresses to Guild)
  3. Claim a “Newsletter Supporter” role on our Discord by connecting their Twitter account (with at least 5 followers) & Wallet they used to sign up for the challenge.

This is a very thorough process we have implemented to filter out all the POAP hunters. Also, its not possible for one person (one Twitter account) to connect with multiple wallets so we were able to also filter out people with duplicate entries.

We were able to cut down the email addresses from 4k to 1.7k.

Now, we would like to share the POAP claiming link to those who successfully have finished this process. We will be uploading the allowlist to the distribution link as well.

I am not sure what other processes could we implement at this stage. We have already extended this process more than we planned - we did everything possible to cut down the number of sign ups on our end.

Like I said - we were not aware about your new guidelines & definitely not well-prepared enough to manage the POAP hunters.

This is a really good learning for us.

I really hope you can help us out on this one :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Hi Fio,

Any thoughts on @missvikii’s comments? :slight_smile:



Hello @missvikii

I will take all of this information back to the Curators for discussion. I will come back here and let you know the outcome of that conversation. Thank you for your patience as we work through this together in order to find the best way forward for your community.

Hello @missvikii

Have you been contacted by someone else from POAP?

Hi @julie !

Yes, we got some input already from Patricio that this campaign cannot be supported by you guys so we have decided to not release the POAP for the campaign. Thank you for the support though!


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