#66179 - Rumblerz - Approval Pending for more than 24h

  1. Drop ID #66179

  2. Community information

Here is our website: https://www.rumblerz.xyz/
Here is our discord: Rumblerz
Here is our twitter: https://twitter.com/RumblerzFight

  1. Nature of the event
    We are casting for specific roles that members of our community can submit their PFPs for. This is for our upcoming TV show. We just finished the casting event for the role of the ringside reporter. We’re looking to reward participants in our voting process with an exclusive POAP. The voting takes place in our discord and is available to anyone that participates in the voting process.
  2. Distribution plan

We’re looking to use the delivery method for that. We will have between 40-60 members of our community wanting to claim their POAP.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s just fallen off the radar? It’s not super urgent but would like to make an announcement early next week.

Hello @Gehinzel

For the delivery distribution method:

Once you have collected all of the ETH wallet addresses of the people, then complete the petition.
Be aware that once you complete the petition ETH wallet addresses cannot be added or removed from the delivery.

The Curators cannot currently review the petition until it is competed with the ETH wallet addresses added.

Hello @Gehinzel

I just did a quick search and found that you were previously approved for delivery
see gallery with event id 61261


this is the other discourse post you created:

Event id 61261 was submitted with email gamedproduction@gmail.com

Hi @julie thanks for the information!

These are all different drops though. So for drop #61261 the delivery’s been completed.

I thought every new drop + delivery will have to be reviewed and approved separately. But as for this drop, we’re still in the process of collecting wallet addresses and once done I will simply create a new delivery method. Sounds like that’s the one I need to get approval for to get going.


Hello @Gehinzel

Yes each event requires a unique description and unique artwork.
the issue with 66719 is the you see it pending for over 24 hours but it is incomplete

There is literally nothing for the Curators to review. Going forward please submit the petition once you have the delivery completed and ready to.