#64811 09.12.22 Approval Request

  1. Drop ID: 64811
  2. Community information
    CEO Baruch
    College Entrepreneurship Org. (@baruchceo) ā€¢ Instagram photos and videos
  3. Nature of the event
    We are issuing POAPS for official organization members to celebrate their hard work and dedication over the last semester.
  4. Distribution plan
    In the discord there is an Honorary Member role and board member roles that are eligible to claim this POAP. Mint links will be distributed to eligible and verified individual discord accounts, one per account.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I created a POAP (ID: 50338) for testing purposes only on June 16th, with the private drop setting enabled. The POAP for my organization was pushed to this month due to internal logistics. I wanted to create the real one yesterday, but it was declined due to the same artwork uploaded.

I tried to edit the test one, but because the expiry date has passed, now I am not able to. It says "EDITION_EXPIRED.ā€ Also, I see in the test POAP, the private drop setting is not enabled, when I did check the box on June 16.

I would like the test one (ID: 50338) put on private drop setting so I can get the real one (ID: 64811) approved, thank you! :slight_smile:

Iā€™m using the exact same artwork because I needed to see how the artwork would display on the test drop, and since it fits very well Iā€™m using the same file

I requested 100 mint links to see if I could have enough mint links on hand for when I launched the real event so I can be sure a large amount would be approved

Hello @cristian

There are a few things going on here.

  1. Event ID: 46835 requested and was approved for:
    Mint links: 31 mint links and then a top up of 69 mint links
    Gallery: POAP Gallery
    None of which were minted. Total mint links= 100 un-distributed mint links.

  2. Event ID; 50338 requested and was approved for:
    Mint links: 100 mint links
    Gallery: POAP Gallery
    None of which were minted. Total mint links= 100 un-distributed mint links.

The artwork for all of both of these drops appear to be exactly the same = duplicate artwork.
You currently have 200 mint links that are not yet distributed.
I know that 50338 & 46835 are expired and those links can no longer be used.

  1. The artwork is exactly the same for these drop petitions 46835 & 50338 ā€” that are commemorating two different events. Going forward each event shall be considered significant and independent of the previous, thus requiring unique artwork for each event going forward.

Please see the following guidelines for further information:


With all of that being said, You are going to have to choose a design for each reason that you want to create a POAP. Please change the design of the current artwork by adding something like a date to commemorate each different use of the POAP.

Once you have settled on the artwork please submit a new petition for 100 mint links.

This link can be helpful for creating the POAP and also includes the guidelines for the artwork.

I will change the artwork design by adding a year range ('21-'22) to commemorate the particular use of the POAP. Thank you!

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