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  2. This is a temporary event, so nothing special.
  3. We congratulate you on your participation in the event. This is due to the possibility of
    distributing special offers and other benefits that are exclusive to those who attend this event.
  4. Only those who attended the orientation will be given this information.
  5. None in particular.

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Question: What University is this for [ School of Computer Engineering ?]
School orientations can be very remarkable :smiley:

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Poap is issued by a Japanese university, Department of Computer Engineering.

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Can you provide a URL to your university? Is it Nagoya University?
The email you utilized for your drop is from a personal account.

Just Asking to confirm details. :smiley:

POAPs are bookmark’s of life’s remarkable moments.
We want to ensure that POAP Protocol remains a reliable source of truth.

Nihon University.

Should I reapply from my university email address?

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While not entirely necessary, issuing POAPs from the same email account builds your drop history within POAP. If you are primarily going to regularly create university drops, please utilize your university wmail for school related drops going forward.

I understand.
The reason why I applied with my personal e-mail address this time is because I was constrained to issue a POAP for university orientation as an individual, although the orientation is conducted at a university.

If I don’t apply from my university’s e-mail address, can’t my application be accepted?

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Did you request this drop? We made a positive review :tada:

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