#64724 - Knuckleheads & Players' Tribune | Mind the Tech NY 2022 [9.15.22]

  1. 64724
  2. The group of people in attendance will be business leaders and CEOs in the tech industry.
  3. The event is a panel between Minute Media CEO and two athletes that hose a Players’ Tribune podcast.
  4. These are being distributed to attendees of a conference in “Mind The Tech” NYC
  5. We were planning to use a magic QR code dispenser and a IYK card and I’ve set up each of these methods but the reason why I also requested a secret word is because the conference warned us that we may not have a reliable internet connection. We’ll still try to use the QR code dispenser but we were hoping to use the secret word as a backup.

Hello @mfolger
Congrats, looks like your petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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