#64212 - Approval and requirement of more mint links

  1. Drop ID
  2. Community information
    Discord: Spectral
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpectralFi
  3. Nature of the event
    We celebrated our Open-beta launch party and had a larger-than-expected amount of people show up.
  4. Distribution plan
    Through discord bot → They send a message and receive one of the mint links.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Not sure why my submission was flagged, so far I’ve received 100 Mint links but require more for the community. We need approximately 850 mint links total.

:ocean: :wave:@Kato

Curation would like to review the success of your distribution, before reviewing top-up requests for this drop. Please distribute the 100 Mint-links we positively reviewed :tada: so we can process your additional requests for this drop.

Question: How did you verify your attendees engagement?
We want to make sure that only your true community members receive POAPs.
POAPs are bookmark’s of life’s remarkable moments.
You can also equip future utility to holders via our developing integrations All Resources | POAP Directory
If unengaged attendees claim your POAPs, it can hurt your community.

Also, I see that you plan to distribute via discord bot, which bot are you utilizing?

Hey frankie,

Thank you for your response. I’ll go ahead and distribute out the first 100 mint-links. Basically the distribution process was that anyone who joined our “Party” stage in discord would be given a specific role. This gives them access to a (homebrew) bot which will DM them a mint link if they input a message to a chat channel. The people who received the role are those who showed up to the Discord party and the only ones who’ll have access to the mint links.

Hey @frankie ,
We’ve distributed the links to users in our discord. Any steps I can take in order to get the remainder of the mint links?



We will be able to review your top-up request shortly :slight_smile:

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:ocean: :wave:@Kato

Based on the success of your distribution :tada: & the recommendations of our Issuer guidelines POAP Issuer Guidelines - POAP we are only able to process a request for additional 100 Mint-links.

Please create the request here link: https://app.poap.xyz/admin/events/spectral-open-beta-launch-2022

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi frankie,
I’ve read through the guidelines and figured this would fall under the guise of “Product Launch” which is eligible for up to 1000 mint links. Having distributed 100 mint links to the community there are 724 more members that would like a POAP from this event - I’d really like to be able to distribute a POAP to all of these members.

You can also contact me at Kato#3113 on discord if you need more information for approval process.