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Hello, It might be too early to create this topic, but I couldn’t get any further information about my last drop which is same with the current one. It is a drop about our first episode of podcast show and it will be released tomorrow (3th September, 2022) I’ll be really happy if you have chance to check it :slight_smile:

  1. #63388
  2. ReFi Türkiye is regenerative finance and blockchain platform for the early adopters in the Turkey. We’re organizing events, hackathons and creating contents like Twitter threads and podcast series.
    What are the focus areas of Akbank ReFi Hackathon? | by imece | imece | Aug, 2022 | Medium
    Durukan Dudu ile Etki Odağında Onarım Çağı
  3. We’ll release the first episode of our podcast show, which we host people from different backgrounds like both blockchain or sustainability, tomorrow. We want to drop POAPs for our listeners for every podcast and we want to make experiments with these POAPs in the future.
  4. The listeners will submit a form in our website with the secret phrase mentioned in the podcast and we’ll manualy send the mint links to the listeners who submitted the secret phrase right.

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In the meantime please review our following integration, I think it might be the best method of distribution for your use case going forward. https://poap.directory/en/resources/all?id=114

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