#63206 - 2022-09-01 Approval Request

Drop ID: 63206
Community information:
My Shepard Testing (A Covid-19 Testing provider serving this weekend’s upcoming events)
Anime Impulse: https://www.animeimpulse.com
Sneaker Expo: https://www.sneakerexpo.com
K-Play Fest: https://www.kplayfest.com

Nature of the event: To motivate individuals attending the festivities, we want to offer a limited edition PFP artwork for completing a Covid-19 Test.
Distribution plan: Upon completion of the COVID-19 Test, individuals can scan provided QR Code.

Why do you believe this petition is being held? Our previous POAP tests triggered the negative review for multiple POAPs, but the previous ones were tests for the sample art and different artworks. To be honest, I don’t understand why Julie arbitrarily drops a generic guidelines message and then disappears without further assistance. What we are trying to accomplish is highly time-sensitive and, honestly, something unique for the greater good. We are not only putting POAPs in front of a large audience attending the event but also showing that POAPs could be fun and engaging. I’ve also lowered the amount of mints needed but please get this approved.

I followed the instructions thoroughly, and an admin sent a generic guidelines message to my thread. Why am I still not getting approved? Also I’ve reached out for Enterprise activation as well… Heard nothing

I am incredibly disappointed in this and want to escalate the issue.

Here’s why: Our activation is for the greater good of the communities. I’m not comparing to anyone else, but in all honesty, I’ve seen other appeals on there get approved as quickly as an hour, and their activations are nowhere near what we are trying to do. If anyone here can help please do.

hello @Shepardtesr

The Curators are reviewing this petition. I will get back to you ASAP.

Appreciate you so much for getting back to me

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Hello @Shepardtesr

The Curation Team would like to share the content of the POAP Community Code of Conduct with you:

Specifically these important points within the Code of Conduct:
Present the requested information concisely: Curators are responsible for confirming that drops comply with POAP Curation Body policy. Trying to argue about whether or not they need the information requested is not likely to result in a favorable outcome.

Treat Curators with respect: The POAP Curation Body reviews between 1000 and 2000 petitions daily. Personal attacks or accusations will not be tolerated. Legitimate complaints about the behavior of Curators should be documented and sent to curation@poap.io.

Assume good-will: The POAP Curation Body aims to help everyone using the protocol in good faith to get their drop done. The work isn’t easy. Please behave accordingly.

Practice de-escalation: Conflict between issuers and curators should be approached with an eye towards reaching mutual understanding and resolving the issue. When making your case, seek to refute the central point of the argument factually. Escalating the conflict (eg. ad-hominem attacks, attempting to pressure Curators by litigating the situation in a public forum) will lead Curators to close the petition without further appeal.

In light of the fact that you, or a designee, have:

  1. submitted multiple petitions from at least 3 different email addresses.
  2. Escalated the conflict attempting to pressure Curators by litigating the situation in a public Discourse forum.
  3. If you are a representative of the “my shepherd testing” please submit an POAP petition for mint links from an official corporate or business domain.

As a result of the above listed statements, the Curators have reviewed all of the POAP petitions for this event negatively.

All the Best,
The POAP Curation Body

I am very confused, I only reacted the way I did because of the urgency to my activation. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for this.

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