#61445 Event in Decentraland

Hi there. We would like to ask for 1,000 mint links. We are going to launch an experience of Frida Kahlo in Decentraland tomorrow in the Art Week. I was told, by the marketing of Decentraland, that maybe they would assist 10K users. And we want to give a POAP to these attendees. We only received 50 mint links, and that is why we are asking for more. We really don’t know how many people will attend, but we expect at least 5K (hopefully).
Could you help us?

Web site: https://ezel.life
Website event: Frida Kahlo, un viaje existencial | Ezel.Life
Press release: Pushing the Boundaries of the Conventional, Decentraland
Social media: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ezellife/

Hello! @ezellife

You can always use your edit code and request a top up of mint links as the first ones you have are distributed.

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