#61261 Rumblerz Approval Request

  1. Drop ID: 61261

  2. Community information

Here is our website: https://www.rumblerz.xyz/
Here is our discord: Rumblerz
Here is our twitter: https://twitter.com/RumblerzFight

  1. Nature of the event
    So we are casting for specific roles that members of our community can submit their PFPs for. This is for our upcoming TV show. We just finished the casting event for the role of the custodian and are in the final stage of our ringside reporter casting event as well. We’re looking to reward participants in our voting process with an exclusive POAP. The voting takes place in our discord and is available to anyone that participates in the voting process.

  2. Distribution plan

We’re looking to use the delivery method for that. The delivery for our first POAP (the custodian) is retroactive and has seen much lower engagement then our current casting event of the ringside reporter. But nonetheless, we’re still looking at anywhere between 30-50 participants and are expecting 200+ for any future role casting events, including the ongoing ringside reporter voting.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

I actually spoke with Dyllon from the team about a week and a half ago. He told me that the drop seemed fine and enough details were provided, but because I had only submitted one wallet address for the delivery method it likely got rejected. I thought I could submit first and then add more wallet addresses later on. That’s my bad as this is our very first POAP drop.

If you could kindly let me edit the delivery or, because I can’t find it when searching for the delivery, delete the delivery and let me create a new one for our drop that’d be much appreciated.

Thanks very much for your help!

Hello @Gehinzel

All you have to do is create a brand new petition delivery once you have all of the ETH wallet addresses.
The first one has been reviewed negatively and can no longer be edited or changed.
Just start the process over:

Thank you. Understood. Just created a new one. Cheers!

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