6 POAPs Snapshot Proposal Requests (Forms were submitted)

Hi! Dear reviewers, :raising_hand_man:

Happy to open a new request topic again!
This time, I made 6 .apng files for the previous 8immortoals ambassadors’ votes on Snapshot.org.
The Request forms were all submitted.

If any further information is needed you can ask me here! :smiley:

1. Drop ID
40762 8immortals_Vote_Project Ambassador
40763 8immortals_Vote_Chat Room Ambassador
40764 8immortals_Vote_Mobilization Ambassador
40765 8immortals_Vote_Culture Ambassador
40766 8immortals_Vote_Blockchain Ambassador
40767 8immortals_Vote_Translation ambassador
(These votes had been finished. Now are appling for POAPs supplement.)

2. Community information
Twitter, Website, Opensea, Instagram, Facebook, ArtTeams

2. Nature of the event
These votes are held for choosing our community ambassadors for different sections.

3. Distribution plan
On snapshot vote pages. (Request forms were submitted on 2022/04/22~2022/04/23.)

4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
8immortals community is an active web3 group for Taiwan-temple-culture lovers. We are now forming a structured organization. It’s worth it to record on the blockchain and memorized.

5. Six POAP files preview
image image image
image image image


Congrats!! All of your snapshot requests have been linked :chains:

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