#59033 - What's Next in Web3?


I have already turned my mint links into redeemable forms via the Magic POAP QR Dispenser, and I would like to have the attendees of my online event redeem them in 3 days. Via the group of articles for issuers, I see that there should be an option “Are you online or IRL?” but the QR kiosk link I was provided takes me straight to the QR code after I click “I understand, lets go!”

How do I set it to online/stream mode for my upcoming event?


Hey @stephanieee_chen

Thanks for your patience and hope you had enjoyed your event!

The Magic QR dispenser is a dynamic QR code that can be displayed on any device (laptop, mobile, etc.). But the URL you receive when you set it up shouldn’t be shared because if you do all your POAPs can be minted by non-attendees.

Please let us know if you have further questions!