#58112 this POAP has not been confirmed

  1. #58112
    We had an AMA event with AMBUSH and Monkey Kingdom
    POAP Claim links will be delivered to verified attendees.
    We are not sure why this petition is being held. We have made several POAPs for AMAs and this has never occurred. Please advise what we can do to fix this. Thank you.

twitter.com/ambushdesign - discord.gg/ambush

To verify attendance We prepare a google form where applicants must type in a secret code announced during the AMA session. The form is closed after the AMA so only those who attend the AMA and hear the password are able to verify the form.

We send emails to individual particpants each with a unique POAP link for them to claim their poap

Hey @llfisabel

Sorry for the late reply, for some reason we lost your post.
Curators approved your petition for 30 mint links based on your history (you can check that most of the drops have been minted for less than 30 people)

Let us know if you have any questions!