#57986 - Please re-review and approve (duplicate mistake)

1. Drop ID
#57986 (August 4th)

2. Community information
This POAP was part of a first experiment we did for creating a stronger design team/community at iO (www.iodigital.com).

3. Nature of the event
Me and a colleague are doing various deep dives and presentations around web3. After we had a workshop about NFTs we did one about how to use NFTs to help build and nurture communities.
We proposed to create POAPs for every knowledge sharing presentation from now on. This way we can motivate people to engage with their teammates (sharing knowledge) while collecting unique art from them. All for building a stronger design team.

This would be the “first” one.

4. Distribution plan
People who were on location during the presentation would have gotten their unique links through direct Slack messages. But since the event has passed I’ve written their names down and will do that later.

5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
This request has requested a negative review. To be honest I did expect this since it resembles drop #56280 (which I also submitted). Title and artwork look alike and it has the same description. The reason for this is that we were supposed to have this event at July 28th but we were forced to postpone.

Because I was curious back then I already minted it. It’s then that I saw that my GIF wasn’t exported nicely from Photoshop. Somehow it messed up the position of the crop so it created some unexpected pixels. I also made the mistake of having the wrong frame as the first one…
So since the event would be at a later date I submitted a new one (#57986) today with improved artwork, a slightly different title but same description.

Since I’m the only one that minted the first one I see that as a nice battle scar for my web3 journey haha. We’re still learning :slight_smile:

If you would please reconsider our submission that would be great! The first one was an honest mistake that will not be repeated!

Hello @maavangent

  1. Your event #57986 was rejected due to it being duplicate artwork of event #56280.
    You should still be able to distribute the mint links that were issued under event #56280.
    The event is open until August 27, 2022.
    Please distribute those mint links and then request a top up of mint links under event #56280.

  2. Now if you want to use the updated artwork, you are going to have to change it again — so it isn’t exactly the same. Once the artwork is no longer a duplicate of events #56280 and #57986 - you can resubmit for approval.

Here is a reference article:

Also for your reference from the Curation Guidelines:

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or queries.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Thanks for the quick reply and info Julie!

I’m a bit confused about the resubmit part though. I thought it was not possible to change the artwork after you submit it. This is still true right?

If it is possible then I would change it for #56280 and use those mint links as you suggested.
As you can see in the attached image from the original post using the original art would not be ideal.

If not you suggest I create a new submission with art that doesn’t directly resemble the ones from #56280 & #57986, Would a different color scheme be sufficient then?

Hello @maavangent

Sorry to be confusing.
No you cannot change the artwork on existing petitions once they are submitted.
You will have to resubmit with new artwork that isn’t a duplicate of the previous submissions.

Yes color scheme ( different color shirt) would be acceptable.

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No problem. Just double checking :slight_smile:

Thanks again! Will do a new submit.

By the way; I’m so amazed by how some of these web3 projects and communities are so greatly organised. This curation proces (including this) is a great example!

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Thank you! @maavangent

I will pass that compliment along to the Team!

Take Care!

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