#57437 Francis de Lara Treasure Hunt - Decentraland Maze

1. Drop ID

  1. Community information

BNV.me Discord Invite Link: BNV - Digital Fashion | NFTs | Metaverse

BNV.me Twitter: https://twitter.com/bnv_me

BNV.me Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bnv.me/

2. Nature of the event
Brand hosting a product themed maze in Decentraland to reward fans and BNV community for support in move to Web3 tokenised products.

3. Distribution plan
Magic QR Code dispenser on BNV Decentraland plot.

4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
To preemptively combat the growing farmer problem within POAP, for this drop we have opted to use Magic QR code dispenser on the BNV Decentraland plot, and require effort in the attendance of the Decentraland event, deterring POAP farming, and gamifying the experience for the community.

Hey @BNV

Curators approved 200 POAPs for this drop, congrats!

Could you please describe how are you utilizing the Magic Dispenser for a DCL event?

The Magic Dispenser will be at the end of a maze structure we have built, with trap-holes and smart items obscuring the journey to the top floor. Once arriving on the top floor, those who complete it across the 7 days will receive the POAP for attending and completing the experience.

We will be posting a DCL Event for the week, and anticipate 200 POAPs may not be enough. How would I go about obtaining another 100 to 200 POAPs?

Hey @BNV

You can request a top-up petition once you’ve distributed the first 200 POAPs.

Good morning, Fio.

Our event number 57437 has been quite the success, and the 200 POAPs have been fully minted. The event will remain open from 11th to the 17th and we would like to request another another 600 mint links for the coming week of promotion.

Thank you.

:ocean: :wave: @BNV

POAPs are meant to be bookmark’s of life’s remarkable moments.
There are some farming concerns with your event. :farmer: :woman_farmer: :man_farmer:
We don’'t want random people to try to extract value from your community.
Link: https://poap.gallery/event/57437

The Curation Body appreciates the effort you are putting into your drop! :smile:

Please create a top-up request here: https://app.poap.xyz/admin/events/francis-de-lara-treasure-hunt-decentraland-maze-2022

We will make a positive review for no more than 300.
We will not approve any further requests for Mint-links or other distribution methods for this drop.

Evening, Frankie,

Thank you.

A request for 300 more POAP links has been made, as you suggest.

We raised the farming concern ourselves, but after reviewing the data, it would appear the Magic QR code is working fine, and our maze is simply a successful Decentraland experience.

We may need to request more POAPs counter to your final comment, depending on how secure the next 300 POAPs prove to be. We would be happy to share our data, and appreciate your cooperation in understanding why you have a farming/security concern with your most secure distribution method, Magic QR code.

Ryan (Community Manager BNV.me)

:wave: :ocean: @BNV

Congrats!! Your top-up request has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy: :tada:

Because public decentraland events can be visited and shared by anyone, events lasting a week can be easily jeopardized.

We love the creativity & ingenuity of your maze :purple_heart: :brick: :snake: :dark_sunglasses:

• Host distribution at random time intervals. Do not keep the dispenser open for large periods of time.
• Host in multiple locations throughout Decentraland for short periods of time, but do not make advance announcements in advance of the dispenser’s location & start time.

There is no countering. This is the Curation Body’s final review for this drop.
Thank you for understanding. We look forward to reviewing you future drop requests. :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body