#57171 - Bedrock Crypto Event #1 - 20220825

  1. 57171
  2. We are a group of crypto enthusiasts all working in a company called Bedrock in France. We are approximately 33 people at the moment.
    This is the website of our company : https://www.bedrockstreaming.com/
  3. This event will be a diner
    We have been discussing on our Slack channel since more than a year now are finally decided to meet etch other in real life. This will be the first event inside our company.
  4. Distribution plan : POAP mint links
    I would want to send them a link to claim the poap. I will do it manually.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    When I created this petition, the date of the event was not fixed. Now we know that the event will take place Thursday, August 25. Maybe this was insufficient to produce a positive review. Hope this help. We would love to distribute a poap during this first event.

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