#56717, #56724 Awaiting Approval

  1. Drop ID
    56717 and 56724

  2. Community information

  3. Nature of the event
    ETHGlobal hackathon.

  4. Distribution plan

:ocean: :wave: @jacobwillemsma

Congrats!! Event ID 56719 [ Finalists ] has been reviewed with Positive results for 22/22Mint-links

Just following-up! How are you going to distribute drop 56717 ? 955 Mint-links is a lot!

We recommend & insist on the use of The Magic QR dispenser.
It can be displayed across multiple devices + mediums:

Additionally, If you want to print POAP claim codes to hand out in person, we recommend using POAPs.agency. (They can be printed or placed on objects).

Let us know if you have any questions!

Hey @frankie ,

Any chance you can release 56724 (typo on last one) and 56717?

I appreciate the advice but we’ve been distributing 10s of thousands of POAPs since 2019 and have a ton of infrastructure built in-house to service our events and distribution.

Additionally, we are one of the few “verified issuers” of POAPs.

Both are released and sent to our community now, thanks!

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:ocean: :wave: @jacobwillemsma

Not a problem! We are here to help!! Next time, please add more detail under distribution plan.

We are not here to be gate keepers, We want to ensure you have the tools to have a successful drop!
We appreciate everything ETHGlobal does :raised_hands: :slightly_smiling_face:

If you need anything else, please feel free to tag me in another petition or message me directly.
Although, the majority of ETH Global receive positive reviews once they are received.

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