#56203 - WizBuds AMA #1

  1. Drop ID 56203
  2. Community information https://wizbuds.io/ https://twitter.com/WizBudsNFT
  3. Nature of the event: It’s an AMA, the first of our community.
  4. Distribution plan: By a secret word, and in some cases someone can’t claim it, by sending the link.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? I don’t know honestly, i just want to clarify that is an event important in our community, our first AMA, so we want to gift our members with tis POAP. We expect a high number of attendes.

Hey @Maxlancer

We’re happy to check on the status of your petition.

Just confirming this is a Twitter Space AMA?

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

It’s an AMA on the discord channel, we’ll be announcing the AMA on Twitter too

Hello! @Maxlancer

Thank you for the context.
If the AMA is being held in Discord we recommend the usage of DEGEN Bot in order to verify attendance and distribute the mint links to attendees.

This is the recommend distribution method to prevent bad actors and farming of the POAP for your specific event.

Here are some additional resources:

Let me know if you are going to use DEGEN bot for the Discord AMA.

Hey there. The discord is going to be closed today, we’re also running degen bot and a verificación system. But we’re closing discord to congratulate early members so we get only those early members on the AMA. General info will be on Twitter, also the announments, but can’t join the discord if they havent before

Please can you make the links and secret word for this POAP? The event is in 5 hours, please i need it.

We had to do the event without the POAP, so much energy and resources designing the POAP, telling the community that they will earn one, and at the end you didn’t even explained why you didn’t give it.

I can’t understand why this service became so bad, POAP was a great resource to congratulate the communities, now it’s impossible to get the links, you don’t answer. It’s terrible. Not going to use it anymore.

Hey @Maxlancer

I’m sorry for the delay. As I mentioned before, having a mixed history as an issuer doesn’t help curators to understand how you use POAP.

Degen records the attendance, so you can distribute the POAPs retroactively. How many people participated in the event?