#55988 - $DOG Community Call #43 (21-Jul-2022)

  1. Event ID: #55988
  2. Community information: The Doge NFT (DOG) | Linktree
  3. Nature of the event: Weekly Community Call on Twitter Spaces
  4. Distribution Method: Secret Name
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? It’s a proof of participation (and token of appreciation) to our community for attending and engaging in our weekly calls

i didn’t mean to ask for 150 links on the initial drop, just 150 available POAPs for the secret word.

:wave: :ocean: @Zona

Congrats!! Your petition has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

Thank you for letting us know.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Additionally these resources will be extremely helpful with future drop requests.

POAP Help Center
Why-your drop-may-not-been-approved-yet
I’ve also attached 2 video tutorials that may be helpful.
POAP Delivery Tutorial
Community made resource: POAP-Master-Class

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or queries.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body