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    #55983 Millsverse Announce Their First Book NFT

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  3. Nature of the event
    Godfather of British comics Pat Mills and his wife and indie publisher Lisa announce their plans for first book nft collection (article to be published once POAP is approved). Issuing POAPs is a great way to get early supporters on board. There’s a lot of web3 hostility in comics and number of POAP take-ups will enable us to accurately gauge support.

  4. Distribution plan
    Readers comment at end of article to request POAP. We send a mint link to their email address.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Curators may believe our event is not significant enough, which is understandable. But it is very significant for us :smile:

Hey @LisaMills
We’re happy to check on the status of your petition.

Please don’t think that we don’t believe that your event is not significant enough!
What you are doing by introducing people to web3 via POAP is great!
Are the people who collect the POAP going to be able to be on an allowlist of some sort to mint the first book collection NFT?

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

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Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for your swift reply. Glad that we’re not wrong in going for a POAP!

In answer to your question, yes, that would be the idea. We hope that everyone who mints a POAP would be interested in our first NFT collection, so we would give them first refusal on it. (I guess that’s what you mean by allowlist?).

Thanks again!

Hello @LisaMills

Yes exactly! The POAP holders would be given the first opportunity to mint if they choose to do so.
Very cool plan!

Also just curious: is the article online or in an actual printed copy that people would read and then get in contact with you?

The article will be online. It’s sitting in draft form at the moment over on Substack.
We will ask our subscribers to comment below the article and request the POAP, which we can then send to them via email, so we control who gets the mint link.
We decided to limit the number to 46 as we plan to launch 45 NFTS for our first collection (I figured one extra one, just in case?!). 45 is also a manageable quantity to handle manually.
The delivery was an aspect that I agonised over, carefully reading and re-reading the descriptions of each method, and it seemed that there was no specific method suited to our situation, hence why I came up with our manual delivery…
But I am happy to take an alternative suggestion :+1:


Thanks for all the context!
I am so glad that you read the documentation!
For sure the manual distribution of the mint links is the most secure way to distribute them to folks.
You could use a email merge program such as https://yamm.com

I appreciate your research and diligence since one thing we are protective with POAP as a protocol is its integrity.

Is the article only available for the subscribers?
Would a random bad actor seeking to farm your POAP be able to access the article and make a submission to collect it from you?

Currently all our content is available, whether people are subscribed or not. I’m probably being naive, but I’m not confident that we would have 45 people asking for a POAP, based on the mindset of our current audience (It would be great if we did mint them all, and I may be pleasantly surprised that there are more supporters than not).
We have around 320 subscribers on Substack, it’s been up and running for a month. A key reason for starting it was to try to move away from the fixed comic book mentality we have on Twitter, and to draw in a new readership that might be more open to Web3 matters. But this article is the first test!
But yes, someone could grab themselves our POAP without having any intention of holding it for future access to our forthcoming NFT. They would have to subscribe to Iconoblast so that we have their email. One way perhaps of combatting any bad actors is to see whether they have engaged with previous articles, and how long they have been subscribers for. If we get an influx of new subscribers all clamouring for a POAP link, and I’m not sure about them, I could ask them about their link to Pat’s work and how long they’ve been fans etc. Would that help?


Thank you so much!
That would be a plausible solution! If you could vet the folks who would like to claim that would be super helpful and responsible!
Thank you!
I will take this context to the Curators and get back to you ASAP.

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Also thank you for not mentioning POAP in the Social Media links. It helps keep the bad actors away!

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Congrats, looks like your petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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Yowza! Many thanks for taking the time to consider us and allowing me the opportunity to expand our ideas.

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One more question: do I have to do anything else now at the back end before I send someone a mint link, or is it all ready to go?

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