#55983 help with 'pending' mint on Brave browser

EDIT: I believe everyone who requested a link has now minted!
Hi, my POAP went live on 23rd and so far 6 people have successfully minted/claimed. One user however has tried to mint through a digital wallet set up on Brave. I’ll quote him:

"I did the whole process on my phone using a browser called Brave. I discovered that this has an inbuilt wallet. After setting up the wallet securely (I think) it took me a while to find out the wallets Ether-code. Once I found that, clicking through the link you sent and pasting the wallet’s code took me to a page where the POAP was pending. It still is, so I’ll have another look in a bit.
The tricky bit was that I was starting from scratch. It took me a while to even find my wallet once I’d set it up! "

Can anyone help with why his request is pending and hasn’t gone through?

Hey @LisaMills

TY for letting us know that everyone has minted!

If you need support in the future, you can reach out to the POAP Customer Support team: Support | POAP Directory