#55837 - sociedade mecânica de futebol @ Prada São Paulo JK Iguatemi

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  2. Community information
    Sociedade Mecânica de Futebol is a native Brazilian PFP NFT crypto project that will bring world-building and community empowered branding to fans of Brazilian futebol (soccer). Set in a city that is ambiguously Rio of the 1970’s (just as Gotham is ambiguously NYC), the avatars are a race of robots that have been imported from Scandinavia to relieve humans of all the dangerous and tedious jobs of every day life. As such, the robots are treated as second class citizens by their human masters, and moreover have taken over the empty favelas as their home. Whereas the extreme socio economic dichotomy that characterizes Brazilian society has led to unparalleled gang violence, the robots that have taken over the bottom caste are hard coded pacifists and unable to harm humans. The robots have turned to futebol as a forum for manifesting their identity and beating their human masters at their own game.

We haven’t launched our community yet, but following are links to our social pages with small pre-marketing following >>

our website is just a simple landing page for now, full website will be ready around mid-August, probably not before the event

  1. Nature of the event
    This POAP is to commemorate a presentation and discussion about crypto and NFTs in Brazil, given by sociedade mecânica de futebol’s co-founder Alex Limpo de Abreu, hosted at the Prada flagship boutique on the occasion of Gentlemen’s Day at JK Iguatemi mall in São Paulo, Brazil.

  2. Distribution plan
    The POAP mint links will be distributed at the event by Magic POAP QR Dispenser on an iPad.

  3. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Perhaps because our website https://sociedadeMecanica.io is a simple landing page without additional info, as we haven’t yet launched our marketing

Thank you in advance for any assistance

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