[#55204][07-18-22]no curation decision for 48 hours; event ends thursday

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  1. Community information

future modern

  1. Nature of the event

we’re celebrating the release of the genesis 10 avatars for our first of its kind web3 music shooting video game. the poap is a special edition 11th character available for a limited time. we want to announce the date today by using a poap to show people how we’ll distribute the game.

  1. Distribution plan

the event is virtual. we’ll distribute it through a currently private twitter account. only people who follow the account can claim. the delivery with the allowlist adds an extra layer of security. the allowlist comes from our current token and nft holders plus a call for wallets from the private twitter account. once the poap expires, we will make the twitter public and begin the main sale.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    given the information above, this petition should be accepted expediently.

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