#55202 Second POAP for the same event: You have met me for ice cream

Hello @julie Could you please look into #55202? This is for the same ‘you have met me for ice cream’, but for the second time.
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  1. Drop ID 55202
  2. Community information
    This POAP will be given to the individuals I meet for ice cream in the coming year. The POAP is a digital memento reminding our ice cream time with some math related to ice cream, sphere and cone.
  3. Distribution plan Scanning QR code in person
  4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    The appeal has not finished (#55202 #55203 request 1-1 mint links - #5)

Hello! @lilystillill

It appears that event #55202 was reviewed negatively.

The petitions you have submitted fall into the category of a “you’ve met me POAP”.
You are going to have to resubmit if it is your intention to have this POAP as well.

If you choose to re-submit a mint link petition:

  1. be sure to change the artwork (add “Summer 2022” ) or something to distinguish it from the previous submission ------duplicate artwork is automatically rejected by the Curators.
  2. in the description explain that this is you’ve met me style POAP that you issue to folks who meet you for ice cream and why you are including a math problem.

Here are the Curation Guidelines for your review:

Let me know if you have any questions