#55145 - Rhythmical NFT Club <Forest Collection> - PinkHoney - 2022 : -Request More

  1. Drop ID : #55145

  2. Community information
    Spatial - Metaverse Spaces That Bring Us Together

  3. Nature of the event
    Exhibition featuring 88 artists from ‘Rhythmical NFT Club’.
    It is a big exhibition where so many artists have created and held artworks under the theme of Forest. The works are very beautiful, and there are many visitors to the Spatial exhibition.

  4. Distribution plan
    Virtual Drop; After visiting the Spatial exhibition hall, visitors are asked to screen capture and authenticate, and after checking, POAP links are delivered one by one through personal Twitter DM.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    When this POAP was first registered, I received an answer that there was a problem that could be corrected. So I recognized it and corrected it right away, and soon it was minted, and I received a link by email. This is all a solved problem.
    Then, I used all the links I received and asked for more links again, but the request was not accepted, so I received Help consultation online. His answer was that it seems that there was a misunderstanding in the POAP body because of the first problem.
    Again, it is a problem that has been solved normally, and I requested it because I need more links to give to visitors, so please proceed.
    Thank you.

The photo below shows a capture of an email that received a link from Minted.

#55145 mail(2)

Hello! @pinkhoneynft

The POAP gallery shows that you have not used all of your mint links yet. Please distribute the remaining mint links before the most recent top up request can be approved.

You were given 50 mint links and only 23 have been claimed to date.

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