#54932 - Francis de Lara Treasure Hunt - Piece 1 - 2022 (Topic Thread Part 2)

1. Drop ID

2. Community information
BNV.me Discord Invite Link: BNV - Digital Fashion | NFTs | Metaverse

Discord is where the exclusive token gated channel is located, and this will be the first distribution point of the pre-recorded showreel video which in a single frame, contains the POAP keyword. Video is unannounced. Those paying attention will receive the POAP.

BNV.me Twitter and Post of EXCLUSIVE Community Event (trusted attendees, event has now passed) where this POAP Keyword/Phrase would first have been displayed via a single frame in a pre-recorded video: https://twitter.com/bnv_me/status/1547423569332019201

BNV.me Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bnv.me/

2. Nature of the event
We are celebrating a Web3 positive fashion brand, who would reward those attending and interacting with content involved in a 2 to 3 week long treasure hunt, of which this proposed POAP is the 1st piece of 4/5 POAP proposals.

Piece 1: A pre-recorded video containing 1 frame showing the POAP keyword. Showreel video is on YouTube and is unlisted, and will be exclusively distributed in a token-gated Discord channel from as soon as the POAP is made available (ideally from 24th July), to the 14th of August. We will not hint at the POAP existing in this video, instead leaving it to eagle eyed viewers. Those who identify the secret word in the pre-recorded video (1 frame) receive future benefits with the POAP collected.

Piece 2: An Instagram Reel available from August 1st to 14th showing a riddle via the brands Instagram channel, once solved revealing a keyword. (to be proposed week starting 25th July, requested token amount to be decided)

Piece 3: A POAP distribution magic link dispenser in Decentraland hidden at the end of a maze structure, from August 1st to August 14th. (to be proposed week starting 25th July, requested token ammount 100)

Piece 4: Hidden magic QR code on BNV.me website, from August 1st to August 14th. (to be proposed week starting 25th July, requested token amount 200)

Piece 5: A QR code displayed on a Decentraland wearable. Available at selected times across 2 weeks, from August 1st to the 14th, incorporating active and inactive collection times. (to be proposed week starting 25th July, requested token amount 200)

3. Distribution plan
For this POAP appearing in a single frame, in a pre-recorded video, we first intend to make the video available to a token-gated community channel in our Discord from as soon as available (ideally 24th July) for 2 weeks, with the POAP (requesting 20, NOT 100) existence not being declared to the community.

After 2 weeks, starting August 8th, the video will be posted to Twitter and Instagram, and the POAP will be available more widely. Though the existence of the hidden POAP keyword will not be made public knowledge. Unless no POAPs are claimed from 24th July to 8th August, in which case, we will hint at the POAP existing for the remaining week 8th to 14th August.

4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
This is the second time submitting to the Discourse. After talking to your team members Brian and Dyllon, we have decided to reduce the number of requested tokens from 100 down to 20 to 30 (ideally 30, understanding that a large number wouldn’t be secure from farming, given the time frames we have proposed for a keyword, but less than 20 wouldn’t reward those who actually are attentive to the content from 24th of July to 14th August. Attentive/Attention, a language concept etymologically connected to Attendance, which we believe to be important in POAP use cases. While not 100% secure, we believe this distribution is well thought out, and positioned away from bad actors. Keywords are not water tight, we understand, but are the most flexible for creative and fun distribution methods outside URL methods. Again:

Video available via Token Gated Channel in Community Discord (24th to August 14th) POAP existence unannounced.

Video shared via Twitter and Instagram to view on YouTube (August 8th to 14th) POAP existence unannounced (unless not found between 24th July and 8th August).

Time-frames have been considered, and distribution has been considered, amount of tokens requested has been adjusted with the assistance of Brian and Dyllon.

As suggested by Brian, we could use an active and inactive time to allow distributing of this POAP, this could be incorporated from 8th August to 14th August, when the POAP is most at risk of farming via the reveal of the video on social media. We will communicate this at the time of knowing if people even identify the POAP in the single frame in the video. The utility of the POAP will be respected.

Dyllon suggested reducing our POAP ask to 10; while I agree this would be secure in the time frame we proposed, it would be a limiting factor is rewarding our audience with future utility.

We certainly will not be requesting 100 though, ideally 20 to 30 would suit our distribution plans and put it closer in the token weight to Pieces 2, 3 , 4 and 5 (to be proposed) which will all request 100+, but use far more secure methods than keyword. (keyword might need to be removed from POAP if it is this much or a risk factor in farming).

We also received feedback from Frankie on using a Magic QR Code, but this will not suit the pre-recorded video nature of this POAP distribution, but we are happy to implement that in a later use-case.

Thanks, sorry for the long one,

Ryan Community Manager (BNV.me)

Not to be a pest, but I’ve resubmitted. While still flawed, I think this is as interesting use case of a keyword, and knowing our viewership numbers on content (300 max), and community numbers across social, (all sub 2000), 20 to 30 POAP tokens seems reasonable to me anecdotally.

Hope we can give this a try. I’ll eat my words if we get farmed. I’m not married to any of my ideas, just trying to learn how to make this blockchain stuff engaging beyond airdrops.

Thanks again for the earlier suggestions, POAP team.

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Hey @BNV

I want to thank you for all the description and context about the petition. Unfortunately, we can’t issue POAPs Secrets for pre-recorded videos, because of farming concerns. Farmers are people/bots that are only after free NFTs and don’t add value to your community.

Here are some alternatives for your use-cases:

  • Pieces 1 and 2: You can ask people to fill out a form with some questions about the videos (so you can give a POAP only to those attentive individuals).

  • Piece 3: For DCL events, you should use the Decentraland dispenser: Hand out POAP Tokens | Decentraland

  • Piece 4: In this case, I don’t see any options, it seems there’s no safe distribution method.

  • Piece 5: Not sure as well. Maybe you can request a Delivery petition if you have a way to collect people’s addresses?

Important: All the POAPs should be different since they are experienced by different people, at different times, and in different places.

Regarding this:

We really appreciate the effort. Since POAP has this problem with farmers, new issuers are encouraged to execute several drops in the typical format below before taking more creative approaches.

We recommend reading the POAP Issuer Guidelines to understand how Curators review petitions and check the guidelines regarding sizing and distribution: POAP Issuer Guidelines - POAP