#54889 - 360degrees-club Genesis POAP - (Start Date July 14th)

Hello there!

We are a relatively newly formed 360 degrees club as a result of some enthusiasts around a particular group of ENS domains. We are definitely aware that some of our members are appreciative of POAPs because of their desire to collect merge-related and other types of POAPs with some historical significance. That’s why we are exploring this new territory of issuing and not just collecting and since our POAP requests have been getting rejected a couple of times now, we are here to provide more information and hopefully some clarity.

  1. Drop ID - 54889

  2. Community information


  1. Nature of the event

We are celebrating the release of the whitepaper of the 360 degrees club as it marks an important beginning step in the journey of our community.

  1. Distribution plan - Who’s getting POAPs, how are we distributing them and how many do we need?

For the test one, which is #54889, only a couple of people from our community would be getting these POAPs to test it out and make sure it works correctly.

For the real one, that we are planning to create after we test out the delivery method, only holders of 360degrees as of July 15th would be getting this POAP and we are planning to collect addresses of those who would want to celebrate with us the release of our whitepaper and claim this POAP as a way create this memory with us. The maximum amount of addresses, and thus requested POAPs, would be 360 but we are estimating that a realistic number of around 50-100 members of our community that would be wanting to claim this POAP.

Additional information:


POAP art has been created by one of our members and in no way a copy of anyone’s work.

We’ve been working on our POAP imagery, whitepaper and other things for sometime now and we are ready to finally release it all and share it with our members and how exciting it would be to allow our members to claim POAP as a way to have this memory not just in their minds but also on chain.

Please let us know if you have any questions on what or how we can improve on or if any other information is needed to be provided. We are looking forward to be more engaged in the POAP ecosystem not just collectors but now as issuers.

Hey @360degrees-club

TY for all the context provided.

Curators approved your latest petition #55361 - 360°Club Genesis POAP, congrats!!

Collectors can claim the POAP here: https://poap.delivery/360degrees-club-genesis-poap