#54117 drop, #2620 delivery approval

  1. #54117 drop, #2620 delivery
  2. ETHRank.io - https://twitter.com/eth_rank

ETHRank users are accelerating humanity’s shift to greener technologies, fairer forms of governance, and an improved global financial system. ETHRank users comprise some of Ethereum’s most active contributors and participants.

  1. ETHRank Season Two
    ETHRank Season Two kicked off July 1, featuring over 80 projects throughout the web3 ecosystem, including POAP itself.

  2. Distribution plan
    We will distribute (via POAP delivery) 500 POAPs to the first 500 users in Season 2. We will keep some extra for use throughout the season to reward to users who actively participate in our community.

  3. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    We are aware of the new guidelines and we have requested something near the limit (500+500). Please consider our petition and let us know if we need to make any changes, thank you!


Thank you for approving the delivery. However, we have many users who were not in the first 500 but are very active in our community who are upset that they did not get a POAP. (see this post: https://twitter.com/eth_rank/status/1552102383492030466)

This is why we requested the additional 500 as codes. Is it possible to get those, or should we submit an additional list for delivery?

Warm regards,

Hey @blankey1337

TY for the context!

POAP is an ecosystem for the preservation of memories. POAP for early adopters or engaged users is a use-case we support, but it needs a limit. You were already approved for 500 POAPs, we can’t issue more POAPs for this drop.

Looking forward to reviewing season 3 POAPs.