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    Decentraland event:
    The 5 Elements 'wood' gown launch party with Serena Elis | Decentraland Events


Info:Creative for fun! Dress and earn! Join us into DigiFun DAO!
Discord: DigiFun DAO


Info:Designer of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic games|Focus on digital fashion and fashion in metaverse| Chief designer of DigiFun

  1. Nature of the event

DigiFun commemorates China’s outstanding new generation of designers who have combined traditional dresses with virtual garments and finally enabled the audience to wear and display them in the metaverse. This is a milestone. We hope that more designers and creators will be inspired to join web3!

This collection is based on the five elements theory of ancient Chinese philosophy. The ancients categorized everything in the universe into five elements, namely the five substances of earth, gold, water, wood and fire, and the human body is likewise composed of a small universe.

The collection has five sets of dresses corresponding to earth, gold, water, wood and fire, this five elements, each set is an elegant dress with a sense of ceremony and shape, specially designed for major occasions in the metaverse.

This is the first launch party of the ‘Five elements’ gowns collection.We are hosting a party with DJ Serena Elis at our decentraland building and have a few female guests coming to share their experiences in Web 3.0.



Info:Decentraland Reporter | CEO & Co-Founder of

@BverseDCL | CMO - @theOceanMeta | Content Creator CEO & Co-Founder of @BverseDCL

@ck・シケ (they/them)


Info:creative director | nail artist Login • Instagram | living in DCL | future dreaming | let’s create together | support LGBTQIA+ ALL YEAR



Info: Śinger | Meta Performer | 3D NFT Artisté

First LIVE singer in DCL Meta | Crypto since 17’ | PA #1665 & WoWG, BB

Business Inquiries : Dxs@serenaelis.com

  1. Distribution plan

We will use the poap machine in the decentraland to distribute the poap.

Hey @DigiFun

We’re happy to check on the status of your petition.

when did this event occur?
If this event already happened how are you (or how did you ) going to verify that people attended the event?

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

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HI Julie!

Thank you for reply!

The event on July 8th is the first launching party for the wood-themed dresses. There are five dresses in the Five Elements series, and we will hold four more launch parties in the next four weeks, those who attend several parties or buy the dresses will have a chance to get poap!

:wave: :ocean: @DigiFun

Since this event has passed, do you have a record of who attended this event?

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:wave:Hi Frankie,

Thank you for reply!

Those who participated in the launching party will take photos and tweet, we will choose 2-3 people to send poap among the next party participants.

:laughing: :laughing: :innocent: :innocent:

Thank you for your approval!

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