#53890 - Alps Finance: Looking for Approval due to App cannot be Accessed by Audience from Mainland China

  1. Drop ID: 53890

  2. Community information
    Official web: https://www.alps.finance/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlpsFinance
    Discord: Alps Finance

  3. Nature of the event
    We would like to reward the attendees that came to our first community call.
    Please see the previous petition for more context on why some audience members could not retrieve the POAP. Page Not Found - POAP Issuers for more info (admin has to unspam my message)

  4. Distribution plan
    I talked with one of your customer services named Christi, and she gave me a list of steps to damage control this situation:

  5. Get the list of users who attended the AMA provided with the proof of attendance via screenshot

  6. Create a new POAP to remedy the situation

  7. Create a new delivery method that contains the address

  8. Let the attendants go to the delivery page and get the POAP.

  9. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I am so exhausted. I just want to help the real attendants to get the link. I know the previous event was infested with leaked link, but I am trying my best to mitigate the situation and moved on with this situation. I learned my mistake the hard way

Hey @bert3

Curators rejected your petition.
We understand the situation, but in this case, we can’t issue more POAPs for this drop for several reasons:

1- You’ve already been approved for 1,000 secrets and 50 mint links for this event (Petition #52185)
2- You posted the secret word and the mint links in the Discord server. Secret should ONLY be announced verbally, to prevent farming.
3- You don’t have proof of participation/attendance to the event.

For future events please check out the POAP Quality Guidelines

Thank you for the explanation. We can certainly provide the proof of participation/attendance to the event. We are compiling now with the address of affected users since we have screenshot of users who attended on that day. Is google drive folder containing all the proof works for you? We will give you a lot of screenshot as a proof just an FYI, but will the proofs can guarantee that we get POAP for the affected users? (We plan to help only 200 users at maximum since compiling the proof is very tedious)

Noted on the link. We will use that as a reference again.

Hey @bert3

I’m sorry but there’s no possibility of approving this petition for the reasons I’ve mentioned above.
You’re welcome to use POAP in your future events, please follow the Guidelines for a safe distribution.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Got it. We will let the affected users know. Thank you for the assitance