#53890 - Alps Finance Community Call #1

  1. Drop ID: 53890
  2. Community information
    Official Website
  3. Nature of the event
    To reward for those who attended our first community call
  4. Distribution plan
    Getting the whitelist address for those who can prove they attended the first community call
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I would love to engage with POAP curators to explain my situation, but I keep get marked as spam

Since this petition isn’t closed, I can write more details without getting marked as spam.
I am writing this petition as a follow up of [#52185] [06.07.2022] [https://app.poap.xyz/admin/events/52185] Looking for Advice due to App cannot be Accessed by Chinese Audience - #2. I have talked with your customer service, and she gave me a list of actions to be done:
1.Keep the previous minted POAP drop, but create a new POAP drop because the previous POAP drop is heavily farmed. The new POAP drop must be in completely different image and description.
2.Get the list of user addresses but only those who are in the screenshot that we took before the event ended OR other users that can prove that they attending by giving us a screenshot of their attendance
3.Once we have the addresses, we will create a POAP delivery so users can enter their address to mint the POAP.

We already did step 1 but it was rejected because:

“Past community call, they already received 1000 secret word and 50 mint links for this event and they just posted the secret word in their Discord server, including the mint links… See petition 74374, drop 52185”

As a result, we cannot proceed to step 2 and 3. I understand that we made a mistake too by posting the secret links and underestimating the bot farmers, but we need help from the curation team so that we can execute a recovery plan for users who attended the community call and could not mint the POAP because of Google Services is banned in China.

We really appreciate your cooperation, and please note that this petition is for damage control not to distribute to new users.

Hey @bert3

We responded here: #53890 - Alps Finance: Looking for Approval due to App cannot be Accessed by Audience from Mainland China - #2