#53297 Waiting for Mint links since 6th July 2022

I requested additional mint links for below POAP IDs:





I filled out the Google Form for the Petition Appeal more than 24 hours ago, but have not received an answer yet. Please help, as I need the additional codes.

Kind regards,

Hey @mjaeger7 ! :wave: We’re happy to check on the status of your drop petition.

Can you please provide the following information? These details will make it easier for Curators to review your petition:
Event ID:
Social & Community links: (Twitter, Discord, Youtube, etc.)
How you plan to distribute the POAPs?

The POAP Curation Body

Hi Julie,

Thank you for getting back to me. I actually answered these questions in the Petition Form. The POAPs are for our annual employee event, where we celebrate product innovations. Our website is addx.co!

The distribution was initially supposed to be done via QR codes, but then we decided to go with the codes. We have our own staff that distributes the codes to each individual employee.

Does that help?


Hey @mjaeger7

TY for the context.
In the form, you mentioned: “This is a yearly company event. We use the POAPs for our employees”.

When was the event?
How many people attendded?

Hey @mjaeger7

Curators approved your top-up petitions for 50 POAPs each.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you for the quick help. I received it!

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