#53008- Eluna City Celebration

  1. #53008
  2. www.mv3hq.com, https://twitter.com/mv3nft, discord.gg/mv3
  3. We do a weekly writing series hosted by our founder, Jessie, who is a Hollywood writer. Jessie Nickson-Lopez - IMDb - This is a party to celebrate the end of the weekly writing series.
  4. Secret word that will be given during the celebration on the discord stage
  5. Not sure why it’s being held - let me know if you have any questions.

Hey @antw0n3

TY for the info!

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Q: When is the event?

My bad I just put that as a placeholder - the event already happened so can I just get mint links instead and I’ll be manually distributing them.

@Fio any updates here?

:ocean: :wave: @antw0n3

Sorry for the delay, !! Please make a request for Mint-links.
(Request for the amount of people who attended)




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