#52440 July 4 - Approval Request Unchained Crypto Insights Podcast 25th Episode

1. Drop ID : #52440

POAP - The bookmarks of your life | POAP Gallery

Started June 28th so I could test a mint but should start in earnest July 4th

Request made with this address podcast-poap@osom.finance as per guidelines.

2. Community information

https://unchainedcryptoinsights.buzzsprout.com/ | https://osom.finance/ | OSOM finance | | LinkedIn Login, Sign in | LinkedIn | https://twitter.com/osom_finance?lang=en | Telegram: Contact @osomfinance

2. Nature of the event

At OSOM we launched a podcast where we try to educate our customers, and anyone who’s interested, more about crypto and are coming up on our 25th Episode. We’ve sort of figured out our rhythm now and have about 300 listeners by episodes as of late.

Listeners seem to like it and we often get praised from outside our customer base.

We would like to celebrate the 25th episode and reward those who listened, gave feedback & shared it, acknowledge the middle of the bear market, and find a way to start engaging the listeners more broadly to do more co-creation of the content.

And POAPs - which I’ve been following for a while - seemed like the best idea to do so.
So we’d like to issue a commemorative POAP :slight_smile:
Especially since that will likely drive some folks to try to setup a non-custodial wallet for the first time, which is one of our ultimate goals but not that easy to make happen.

We believe this is in line with the spirit of “Wen POAP?” . The idea is to “acknowledge the non-material (and yet, invaluable) contributions that members of a community contribute”, and to use it to enable more contribution.

As we go forward, we plan on baking the issued POAPs into community building and content creation but issuing a POAP for a milestone episode will likely be a one-off.
The next POAPs we would issue would instead most likely be for live on-line or f2f events & meetups we do around the podcast. But we feel like starting with the few podcast listeners we currently have is a good to kick start the process.

3. Distribution plan

The idea is to distribute the POAP using a Website.

While the guidelines state that websites are not ideal for on-line events and that for Audio events the “secrets” is better, we are of the opinion that the Website represents the least friction.
Using Secrets requires the downloading of an additional app, which we fear many people won’t want to do.
Seeing our listenership is currently small and that we will only give out the link in the podcast (and not the text description) we are not worried about people trying being able to unjustly claim the POAP. And we don’t think any of our listeners would leak the info.

When it comes to the timeframe, we understand that the advice is to keep the window open for a short timeframe.
However, we encourage SLOW news consumption, and put out only 2 episodes a month (on average) and actively advocate that people shouldn’t be “too glued” to short term news. And we don’t want to penalize anyone who would wait 2 weeks to listen to the episode. Hence, for this time and this time only, we ask to be allowed to keep the window open for the entire month (which is until the next “market monthly” episode comes out).

300 POAP should cover all out monthly active listeners. We don’t want more than that.

4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

I seem to have understood that it’s not “being held” so much as “appealing” is part of the standard process now. I didn’t understand at first because I only relied on the help centre & website (which make no mention of that as far as I could see).

While waiting for an email signaling “white smoke” I looked around in the community and found this post which states " unless you’ve specifically submitted a request through Discourse, there should be no expectation that the request will be reviewed." . So here I am, asking for a review :slight_smile:

For any question, please feel free to reach out to me here podcast-poap@osom.finance or through here on Discourse, of course.

An thank you for this awesome “primitive” for Web3

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Hey @hardymathieu.eth

TY for the context and reading the POAP Guidelines :slight_smile:

:rotating_light: IMPORTANT: This Forum is public. If you share the website link, all your POAPs could be stolen.

In this case, Website is not the appropriate distribution method. Websites are appropriate for small-ish events, in real life, with short-ish mint windows. Usage outside this framework (particularly in virtual environments) will tend to result in exploitation.

As you mentioned:

the best and safest distribution method would be Mint Links.

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Hey @Fio

Thanks for getting back to me, the feedback and recommendation.

Excellent point ( :rotating_light: ) on the website. I wanted to give as much context as possible, got distracted and forgot about security. I edited the post.

Also understood you think a website is too likely to be exploited (especially if I keep making mistakes like above :sweat_smile: ). I have deactivated the website.

Regarding your suggestion to use Mint Link instead of Website, I have to admit I’m therefore at a bit of a loss as to how to best distribute.

If I think of distributing unique links to people who listen to podcast throughout the month, I’m thinking the only doable thing is the following : in the podcast, instruct them to go to a an online form, ask for an email and then use the email to send them a unique link.

Or is it possible to setup a QR dispenser as “standalone” web page where people could come and scan (I feel like that’d be pretty neat, but might come back to problem with my first idea. Just brainstorming here :sweat_smile: )

The “fill in a form” idea feels a little “undewhelming” in terms of UX since there is likely going to be sometime between form submission, email, and claiming Whereas I was looking to offer “instant gratification” but I understand the security tradeoff if you’ve seen lots of attempts to exploit POAP claims. So I’m not complaining, just looking for guidance/ideas/best practices. Any better idea on distribution is welcome, it’s my first time and I’m grateful for the guidance.

In the meantime I’ll ask for the mint links and keep thinking how to best make sure the right people get them.



Thanks for sharing the challenges of your distribution in detail, @hardymathieu.eth.

This can help others (like me!) to learn, as we evolve our own drops towards best practices.

Hope the podcast goes well :1st_place_medal:


Hey @hardymathieu.eth

TY so much for your feedback and for editing the post! :slight_smile:

We know that in terms of UX is not ideal, but it’s the only way we found to keep farmers away.
Pre-recorded content is a difficult use-case for POAP, because they’re not constrained to a specific time-frame. So we usually advise to deliver POAP for the first users (maybe the first-day listeners).

The flow would be:

  • People submit the form (you will have to ask them 2-3 questions about the show)
  • You request the amount of POAPs you need & Curators review the petition
  • If your petition is approved, you can send the POAPs by email, using an email merge platform.

The whole process should take ~48 hours.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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