#52300 - #52310 - #52312 - #52314 - #52315 - #52316 All the same big event

  1. Drop ID #52300 - #52310 - #52312 - #52314 - #52315 - #52316
  2. Community information: WizBuds.io, https://twitter.com/WizBudsNFT
  3. Nature of the event: We are doing on July the super genesis event, a free mint event where people can complete different task, earn poaps and get the biggest prize, a free mint of the exclusive 1/1 100 NFT
  4. Distribution plan
    We will be sending individually the poaps to those who complete the task the right way.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I think it was unclear why we want to give so many POAPs, the reason is the type of event we’re doing. It’s for those who complete a task, not for everyone, and is for this genesis event. The art is amazing and it’s animated, it fulfills the quality.

Hey @Maxlancer

TY for the context.

  • Which are the tasks people have to complete?
  • How do you plan to distribute the POAPs?

Hey there. The task are related to the POAP. For example those who completes the task of doing an artwork of the project will recieve this POAP POAP Gallery after the revision. Same with others like making a blog, a video, etc. The idea is to gift our community for their contribution. The POAPs will be distributed by hand, sendind the links to each users that complete the task.

Can you please give me an update? We’re having the event tomorrow and we need the POAPs

Hey @Maxlancer

Thanks for the info!
We’re sending it to Curators and let you know once they’ve reviewed your petitions.

Awesome thank you. Please let me know as soon as you can.

Any update? We started the events today

Still no news. Please help!

Hey @Maxlancer

Curators rejected your petitions since you’re incentivizing engagement with the POAP.
When we say that POAP is an ecosystem for the preservation of memories, we intend for POAPs to be mementos of a particular experience. A part of the core value proposition of POAPs is that they are a souvenir your get simply for doing something you generally like to do in your life – there is no particular transactional incentive.

“Engagement farming” is generally defined as issuers using POAPs in a way that incentivizes transactional behavior. Any statement to the effect of “Do X to get a POAP” – particularly where X is an action that boosts performance in social media algorithms – is basically a marker of engagement farming.

“Like to get a POAP”
“Follow to get a POAP”
“Tweet about it to get a POAP”

these all violate the Issuer Guidelines on proper usage of POAP.

Please review the document: POAP Issuer Guidelines - POAP and let us know if you have any questions.

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None of this POAPs # are related to that POAP, are related to an event of WizBuds.io. For people that likes to do blogs, fanart, memes, etc. All those kind of things are common within the community, and we want to give this souvenir. Please look again at this: POAP Gallery is not related to bitscrunch, that’s different. In our community all members do this kind of things, we want to give this nice gift to them. We are not seeking for any interaction.

Please do a new review considering the POAPs related to the thread. Thanks.

Please give me an answer… Can’t believe this service… We started the event two weeks ago

Hey @Maxlancer

Sorry, but we’re confused. So you’re creating POAPs for different communities?
BitsCrunch and WizBuds?

Curators approved each WizBuds petition for 20 POAPs.

Yes, i’m working on several projects, thank you.

Hey @Maxlancer

Ok, TY. My suggestion is to submit the POAPs from different emails, so you don’t mix the issuer history.