#52252 POAP Delivery Request (CryptoJobsList)

  1. Drop ID: 52252

  2. Community information: Crypto Jobs List
    Crypto Jobs List - discord
    https://cryptojobslist.transistor.fm/ - previous events with POAP

  3. Nature of the event:
    Educational Twitter Space about how to become a Technical Writer in Web3. Together with Chainstack. https://twitter.com/CryptoJobsList/status/1541339857280471040

  4. Distribution plan:
    We email the links to the eligible attendees of the Twitter Space to prevent double claiming, abuse and fraud.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Hi :wave: We’ve held 12 Twitter Spaces like this (https://cryptojobslist.transistor.fm/) and 5 or more we had POAP. Typically we received an approval with codes within a few hours, but this time it’s been over 2 days. And the Twitter Space is tomorrow. Previous drops were approved within a few hours, so I’m genuinely curious what are we doing wrong and how can we improve? Thank you!


Received a negative review email a few minutes ago with 4 possible reasons. Genuinely not sure which one exactly we are violating, since the past several drops of the same series were fine. Would love to understand what the one main reason for this drop being rejected and how can we improve. Or if we should even try applying for more drops in the future. Thank you so much! Looking forward to your feedback.

:wave: :ocean:@ksaitor

One of our Curators found a tweet from them saying to retweet & follow to get the POAPs.

POAPs can be used as rewards! Not in this context.

This is engagement farming & is against our policies. You cannot pre announce a POAP Giveaway that incentivizes social media engagement. There are many individuals who try to collect as many POAPs as possible; in the hopes of extracting value from them at a later date. For this reason, we refer to them as farmers. In this case, you are use a POAP, in the hopes of extracting a higher social engagement on twitter.

Farmers & Farming activity adds no true value to your community or ours.
We can check & review which collectors have specific POAPs. You past drops have a high number of POAP farmers as collectors.

You need to delete all posts regarding POAP giveaways.

For AMAs we insist on the use of secret-word ( 15 minute claim window | unrelated secret-word)

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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Thanks so much for clarification, @frankie !

After reading the T&C’s in details, i guessed that was probably the reason. Makes total sense!

We actually ran into the farming issue during each of the previous giveaways, and hence even developed a dedicated dispensary mechanism that looks out for people who are not genuine members of our community. And yes, asking to retweet was something I later thought would be cool to request, but a retweet isn’t enough to get a POAP from us. We still require active presence and participation in the twitter space as well as in the community. We’d then only announce the exact claiming instructions (each time different) during the Twitter Space. Now not sure whether this is encouraged or not.

Based on this, I’ve got a follow up two question:

  1. Are we allowed to announce at all that we are or might be doing a POAP giveaway?
  2. Under what conditions, if any, are we allowed to suggest to retweet?

Really appreciate your help. Thank you!

No longer looking for an approval for this space, it was a great success regardless. But would be great to understand the rules in detail, so we can decide whether to use POAP long term.

As a fellow project founder and a community lead, I understand where you coming from when it comes to abusing POAP for engagement, yet, imho I’d not discount that engagement what a lot of genuine quality projects and events want to use POAP for. Imho, some usage of POAP for engagement should be fine, as long as it’s not too abusive and includes genuine community participation. Just my two gwei. Thanks frens :v:

:wave: :ocean:@ksaitor

You’re Welcome!

This is encouraged! :slight_smile: Thank you for being proactive in making sure your community has what it needs.

1. Are we allowed to announce at all that we are or might be doing a POAP giveaway?

  • Multiple know issuers have done regular POAPs for their twitter spaces & community calls.

Spaces started to become farmed :frowning:
We have since been reaching out to issuers to explain “farming” & why it hurts Issuer communities.

Most usually do POAPs for very memorable spaces. You cannot announce a specific giveaway, but you can let it be known that you utilize & support POAP & that you plan to create POAPs to preserve your community’s remarkable moments Nothing specific though.

A valid use-case you can announce is proof of achievement
Example: You could reward Cryptojob list users for re-designing their CVs or resumes.

Guidelines & requirements: engagement must be remarkable
Must effort to verify that participants have completed

Here is a great example of an issuer that uses POAPs as Proof of achievement.

Issuer: https://twitter.com/MakeTheWorldA13

2. Under what conditions, if any, are we allowed to suggest to retweet?
A well-known POAP issuer distributed POAPs to everyone who interacted with a specific tweet on Twitter.
(Retweet, Quote Re-weet, and Replies) You cannot suggest a retweet in order to receive a POAP.

You can, however, reward your community for meaningful participation.
As long as it is subtle, not overdone & not announced beforehand.

We are publishing the 1st version of our policy document that outlines our guidelines & most use-cases.
It will be continuously updated. I can email you & also tag you & reply on this thread with the link, when it is officially released.

You can take a look at our current guideline document here

Thank you for the feedback :pray: We love hearing what our community believes in!
We review a majority of feedback into internally. This helps us shape the future of POAP :hearts: :rocket: :astronaut: