#51400- Curation made a negative review of it. Help

  1. Drop ID 51400

  2. Community information: katmonstarz Community
    https://twitter.com/katmonstarz , KatMonstarz

  3. Nature of the event
    Tresure hunt in Decentraland with our partner Landz

  4. Distribution plan
    Deploying a hidden POAP dispenser machine on Decentraland

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

To be honest, I think there is a misunderstanding, or the concept was not clear enough for the currator…

Let me precise what happened:

Currator was affraid we have problem with “farmers” becouse ealry anouncement of the event on twitter. Announce was deleted. POAP mention was erase everywhere.

We think there is no risk of farmers for those resons:

  • The POAP dispenser will behidden in a Decentraland Mention (LANDZ -63,-37)

  • Only our community have a clue about the exact location.

  • To have this clue community needs to attend a party on our website.

  • The party on our website : KatMonstarz - Drink Party is a
    decentralize application (DAPP)

  • Only people with our Mint Pass NFT of our collection can attend this party. This is the prove of being in our community https://opensea.io/collection/monstarzmintpass.

-As you can see it is secure. There is absolutly no chance that FAMERS find the POAP on Decentraland.

Fiorella the currator sugested to do a PAOP.Delivery, we can do it if you think it’s the best option to distribute our POAPs. But the event is in 5 hours.

And we need you help to manage this urgent situation

So do you think we can do this after party on decentraland ?

Kindly reconsider your review. Let us have some fun.

We really don’t want to postpone this after party.

Best regards,