50mm collective community secret word POAP needs 1000 codes but only got 50


I recently Made an event and requested 1000 codes. I then set up a secret word for that same POAP. I received two emails. One saying I was approved for 100 codes via link. And also an email saying I was approved for 50 codes using the secret word but I still need the 1000 codes. So 950 more codes. I’m looking for someone to help me with this. Thank you so much!

Team usually don’t give out that many codes, especially not to new issuers.

Hey @50mmcollective,
Can you please provide the following information so we can help you?

Event ID:
Social & Community links : (Twitter, Discord, Youtube, etc.)
How you plan to distribute the POAPs?

The POAP Curation Body


Curation had not heard back from you in over a week.

We are closing out this post. Please open a new one if needed.

Wishing you all the best & We look forward to reviewing your future drop petitions

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The POAP Curation Body