#50214 - \|/8immortals_OG-AMA_RoadMap3.0_Advance notice (POAP Delivery#2517)

1. Drop ID
#50214 \|/8immortals_OG-AMA_RoadMap3.0_Advance notice

2. Community information
Twitter, Website, Opensea, Instagram, Facebook, ArtTeams
(This event will hold on 8immortals’ official Discord .)

3. Nature of the event
This is the first AMA of \|/8immortals RoadMap3.0.
(There would be a series of AMAs for RoadMap 3.0. )

4. Distribution plan
Using POAP Delivery to drop the POAP.
Use Google Questionnaire and check the wallet addresses manually.

5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
In this AMA, 8immortals founders will announce the 3.0 Roadmap.

POAP Preview
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The Request for the POAP Delivery was submitted.

#2517 - |/8immortals_OG-AMA_RoadMap3.0_Advance notice

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: