4MB file size with APNG format for animations is a huge challenge

I spent a significant amount of time and money on a design for an animated POAP that would have been accepted a few days ago, but found out today that there is now a hard limit of 4MB.

I think APNG being the only format for animations doesn’t jive well with the 4MB size limit. APNGs are HUGE files, even at 500x500 px.

Is there any way to get approval for larger file sizes?

Are more formats going to be introduced in the future?


This is indeed a challenge. It’s not uncommon for collectors to have +100 POAPs on their collections, if they are all 4MB, loading the collection on the mobile app would need 400MB which is like half of the monthly cap of an entry level data plan.

Be sure that this is something where we know we need to improve as we definitely want to accommodate high quality artwork on POAPs.

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webm and mp4 would be awesome choices.

Not sure if it’s officially supported, but I’ve had success with webp animations.

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WOW… thank you…

I know there is an approval process but I will test this out right now.

Worth mentioning : You can also use gif’s, just need to change the file extension to .png

Is it possible to solve this problem with thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail in the APP to display the full view.

Can’t happen in a timeframe that it’s worth waiting for it.