[#49949] [06.15.22] [Website Activation] My web site has not been activated and it has allready been 24 hours since I treid to

  1. Drop ID 49949
  2. Community information
  3. Nature of the event
    Te event is a graduation. This was a private request because i am testing the protocol. But i want to do this for a graduation in the next few days, so i want to know how all this works
  4. Distribution plan
    I want the distribute the links from the website, so with one link and a QR I could be able to leave it there and the people will be able to mint their different NFTs from one unique link.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I think it could be because I am a new user, I read there has been a change and new issuers should post here to start their events

Hey @Martin,

TY for the info!
How many people do you expect to participate in the event?

Important: Test POAPs should be marked as private, and should explicitly say that they are a test (in the title, artwork or both).

Hello Fio,

I marked the POAP as private, I thought it was enough by doing that (it didn´t say I should put it in the explanation). For testing the protocol I only asked for two NFTs. Their links arrived, so I wanted to figure the way to distribute them in an event. So I asked for a website, as I read that through the website you can distribute each unique NFT with only one link, and the website does the work of distributing each unique POAP to each individual that goes to the link. I was asked again the number of NFTs I wanted, I put 2 again. The website was created but it was never confirmated, I need that confirmation to be able to test the protocol.

If everything works out good, I will use it for the real event (I would love to). For the event I will be expecting more attendees, perhaps arround 50 tops, not more than that.

But at the time I want the website to be activated so I can test it.

Thank you very much!

Hello @Fio , still needing to activate my website. If someone could review my pettiton please, thats all i need, to activare the website.
Thank you very much.

Hey @Martin

Can you please edit your description + add TEST on the title and request a top-up petition?

Hello @Fio , I want to extend the expiry date from this drop, as I want someone special to mint the remaining POAP. Thank you very much.

Hey @Martin
Unfortunately, the expiry date can’t be edited.

You will need to create a new drop, using a new artwork and description.
Let us know if you have any questions!

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