#49648 - 1st LeagueDAO Proposal Vote - 2022 (RESOLVED, NO NEED FOR REVIEW)

  1. Drop ID: #49648

  2. Community information:

  3. Nature of the event:
    Celebrating our first official on-chain DAO vote and want to reward DAO participants with a special POAP.

  4. Distribution plan:
    Via POAP Delivery by whitelisting all DAO voters addresses and then announcing the mint link in our Discord/Twitter for voters to claim.

How are you planning on getting POAPs to individuals?
Announce via all social accounts so DAO participants can claim their POAP via the POAP Delivery mint link.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?:
    I believe this petition is being held possibly because of the initial title for the POAP. (LeagueDAO LDIP-7 Proposal Voters) I changed it to 1st LeagueDAO Proposal Vote to simplify the title in case the LDIP part was confusing and or being counted as incorrect grammar.

Thank you guys!

Also wanted to mention that there seems to be an issue when trying to edit the POAP Delivery petition. The code for the drop itself does not work on the POAP Delivery edit page.

POAP Delivery: #2491 (LeagueDAO LDIP-7 Proposal Voters)

Update: I created a new POAP drop with a new title name as I think that may have been the issue. If the original drop can be approved beforehand that would be great, but wanted to create a new one in the case it may take multiple days to get help. Thanks!

Hey @cryptobenji
We’re happy to check on the status of your petition.

Was this vote held in snapshot?
If not where was the vote held?