#49580 - Kumo x NYC 2022 [Website approval]

Hey, I’m Sammy and the internal partnerships manager at Kumo x World

I recently spoke to the POAP CS and have been given options for distribution. We would really like to have a QR code, so that we can print it off for our NFT holders to scan when they collect gift bags and stickers for entry. As we don’t have a screen, we unfortunately wouldn’t be able to go down the route of Magic Dispenser but we’re confident it wouldn’t be shared outside of the event.

We’re celebrating our first ever IRL event in New York, meeting our holders and community for the first time in person. Also to speak about the project, upcoming updates and also information about our founder, Kumo, speaking at NFT NYC 2022 conference.

I hope this will be sufficient information for our website/QR code to be approved. If not, I am happy to answer any questions via messaging or call.

Thanks for your time!

Our links:


What is the number of attendees when it starts counting as “bigger events”?

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You need to reduce the window of your website before we can issue a review your petition.

See you at NFT.NYC!!

Please be as direct as possible :pray: , what are you asking?
All drops generally receive the same amount of care + attention.
Extremely large drops can carry an extra level of vetting + diligence from POAP & the POAP Community.
Be transparent. Clearly stating your distribution plan, motives, event criteria & significance will generally expedite the review process.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi Frankie,

Thank you for taking your time to review our POAP + website

I was wondering the amount of attendees when you deem it to be a big event. As we’re still finding out numbers, it’s looking like it’ll range from 30-50 (still TBC).

As it’s a more intimate event, we were hoping to have a print out of a website QR code for people to scan while they were collecting goodie bags, so the likely hood of it being shared and farmed is unlikely. We haven’t hired out the venue completely and only part of a boba shop, so we haven’t really got access to a big screen or laptop.

I will reduce the window of the website further.