#49548 CSM_degreeshow_Cloudia2022

We would like to distribute the links by sharing the QR code on the poster during the event, we’ll have estimated 30K visitors during the Central Saint Martins Degree Show of University of the Arts London.

Here is the brief our project:

As the boundaries between human and digital are increasingly blurred, Collective Futurithm (‘future’ + ‘algorithm’) embraces technology as a partner in forging new pathways for humankind. Rooted in the complex interrelationship between machine learning and human intelligence, our viewpoint is neither utopian nor dystopian: we believe technological futures can fall somewhere in the middle, intertwining individual trajectories with collectively realised scenarios that come together in a multi-dimensional spectrum of possible futures.
In a future-oriented rationale, we have produced a digital machine called Cloudia2022 – brought to life with algorithmic power – to curate a digital landscape congruent with the MA Innovation Management philosophy. Manifestos are generated by inputs to the platform made by individuals, merging to form a continuously evolving visual landscape that is symbolic of our collective future. Visitors are invited to contribute to the shifting landscape of the future we are creating by following the instructions displayed on the screens.
Collective Futurithm is sponsored by Xiaomi and together we invite you to enjoy Cloudia2022 and to have fun imagining, exploring and building endless possible futures with each other.

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