#49466 - POAP for Assure Community builders!

Hey POAP friends

I wanted to share with you a project we’ve been working on called Assure Wallet (Assure - The Most Secure Crypto Currency Wallet - CeFi trading, DeFi Staking Platform). In short, we’re integrating POAP minting into Assure. This fits under our broader vision of using POAPs to represent professional contributions and accomplishments.

We’ll be launching next week (June 27th) by minting POAPs to the Community builders who contribute a lot.

My goal for this post is to make the curation team aware of what we’re working on, the standards and review we are conducting internally before sending POAP drop requests, and the cadence & load to expect from the Assure team. We aim to do whatever we can do to be good POAP citizens and follow the best practices so we can create high-quality POAP drops and ease the burden on the curation team.

Who is getting these POAPs?
We’ll be creating drops for Community builders who contribute a lot. Anyone who made a Great contribution to the community will get POAP.

How are we distributing them?

Content, design, drop requests
Our team will be putting together each POAP drop request. Most of the designs are done in-house by our design team (we’re developing a framework for ensuring high-quality designs). They are held to the same standards. All content and designs are reviewed by our team before submitting the drop request.

We aim to make the review process as easy as possible for you, so please do let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

How many POAPs are we talking about?
For our launch, we’re minting POAPs for Community builders. Each drop is likely to have an average of 50 POAP mint links requested. We will be putting in these requests at the end of this week, or early next.

We’re super excited to be building on top of POAP and are grateful for your support. Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations on how we can improve our process and we look forward to growing the POAP ecosystem with you.

“Great Contributions” For example: give constructive advice to the project, participate in the development/management community of the project, solve unexpected problems in the community/plan activities, capture Assure users/host offline meetings, increase Assure’s local popularity/assure financing

Hey POAP friends??? Can you help me?