#49302 Pending Website Approval for QR Code

  1. 49302
  2. For present and future collectors for @sapherapeters 1/1 art
  3. Celebrating NFT NYC 2022 and women taking over web3
  4. I am printing stickers with my art on them and giving them out at and around NFT NYC so people can say they met me / came across my art at NFT NYC. The POAP QR code will be on the sticker so people can scan and claim
  5. Not too sure, Iā€™m just trying to spread a positive message, get people excited about NFT NYC and share my art with the world :frowning:

Hey @staff, I know you probably get a million requests and I understand this is a process, but wondering once approved, will the QR code/website link be the same? With NFT NYC coming up I would need to order the stickers now for them to come in on time but am hesitant to do so if the QR code will change once approved, as Iā€™ll have a bunch of stickers with the wrong code.

Thank you for your help!

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Additional info: Once people claim the POAP, there will be a link to my opensea where people can mint my art that is on the POAP for free (55 editions). My main goal is to get more eyes on my work, while getting folks excited to have a POAP about NFT NYC. Can provide more info if needed

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