#48901 Need help please, event is in 2 hours applied for the drop 3 days ago its not approved yet

  1. Event ID:#48901
  2. B.A.Doge Labs
  3. Description: It’s race weekend again, F1 is returning to BAKU. Join in on our watch party and experience the race day excitement with the BA DOGE FAM
  4. Date: 12 June 2022
  5. Discord watch along event to build more depth to our community
  6. Distribution Method : Secret word and mint links provided to us on the approval email

We have created similar events and this is first time a drop has not been approved on time, if there is a reason I would like to understand why so that it is not repeated

Hey @badogelabs

TY for the context!

Given it’s a past event now, Secret is not an option. Secret word is appropriate only for online live events, with a short claim window.

Do you have a list of attendees?

Thanks for the reply we have managed to sort it out, we usually distribute those secret words and mint links during our live virtual event.

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Hey @badogelabs
How many people attended the event?

IMPORTANT: Secret should only be announced verbally (as opposed to written and sent in the chat).

we had about 40 people in total

:wave: :ocean: @badogelabs

Congrats!! Your petition has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

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