48699 & 48917 Help with QR code multi redeem option

  1. Drop ID 48699 & 48917

  2. Community information
    The Satoshiverse

  3. Nature of the event
    Decentraland party and drop. Celebration of our newest collection.

  4. Distribution plan

We will have a password protected QR code in our Decentraland venue that will provide users the POAP. Both the password and QR code will be hidden in the Decentraland venue.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I made a mistake in the application for 48699 with the distribution method, so i remade it under 48917 which was declined due to the same art being used

Hey @Mimosanow

What do you mean by “mistake in the application for 48699 with the distribution method”?
We see that both petitions are the same, only the amount of mint links is different.

Hi Fio,

I meant to do the distribution method that will be the following; we are placing a QR code with a password which we want our community to scan and redeem the POAP that way. So I need one link with multiple redeems instead of multiple seperate links please.

Thanks @Mimosanow for the info!

I think you’re referring to POAP.Website but it’s not an option for your use case, websites are appropriate for small-ish events, in real life, with short-ish mint windows. Usage outside this framework (particularly in virtual environments) will tend to result in exploitation (farming) :confused:

For Decentraland events the appropriate method is the DCL Dispenser: Hand out POAP Tokens | Decentraland