#48456 - Poap 13 - The Last AMA before Drop - Unique links

Hello, please approve the request for: #48456 - Poap 13 - The Last AMA before Drop.

I requested 15 unique links to test the discord/twitter bot in order to avoid farming, as suggested , last time by @frankie .

Please approve this today, so we will immediately test, and then require more links if we find that the process works (twitter bot is in beta testing).
This is our last POAP before the drop of our first Brandverse collection called Zena, so it’s very important.

More info about Brandverse here:
http://brandversenft.com/ (new site will be released this week)


:wave: :ocean: @Siberia7922

Let us know how the test goes.

hello @frankie I requested also 10 links with secret word, as I think that for the bot, that’s the best way to proceed if we do the AMA on twitter as we are planning to do.

Please approve it so we can test.


by the way @frankie I checked the Bot for twttier, and I don’t really see how it can avoid farming. And it’s also in Beta testing (it even say on the site: use it with caution) so I don’t know if it’s sure that it will work. It’s our lost POAP before our Drop, so we can’t make any mistake.
For my understanding it work with a claim code, the participants of the AMA will send a DM with the claim code to the account of the Bot on twitter. And the bot will let them claim the POAP. I don’t understand how this can avoid farming, as everyone else can send the same DM to the bot (from any account). I asked more info to the customer service here, but as the bot is a third party they say they can’t help.

So are you able to provide some more info?

I will test it myself in a couple of hour, but after reeding the documentation, I don’t see a real advantage, did I misunderstood something?

Otherwise, I can just do a manual process, in which I’ll take a snapshot, and then check 1by1 if every user that submitted the form was really there, and remove from the form all the users that weren’t taking part in the ama at a specific time.